The Live Online LifePlanning Workshop

September 18 - 22, 2023

6:00 - 8:00 p.m. Pacific

5 Day Workshop

+Plus - All your legal documents


($1500 for workshop only)

Create the blueprint for your retirement success in a live virtual classroom, then roll

into 1-on-1 sessions to create all your necessary legal documents.

This package not only represents a savings of over $10,000 over traditional legal document preparation - but also secures your retirement future so you can avoid ending up in

a nursing home, running out of money due to medical expenses, and end up being

a burden on your loved ones.

Build Your LifePlan in less than 1 Week!

AgingOptions helps you build the retirement of your dreams - one where you live where you want (even if your health fails) without going broke and without burdening your family. This LifePlanning workshop is the most powerful way to ensure you can live out the retirement of your dreams.

In this hands-on course, you will be led by Rajiv Nagaich in a step by step fashion through creating your full spectrum retirement plan addressing each of the five pillars of retirement - Health, Housing, Financial, Legal and Family.

Module 1: Introduction & Health Pillar
The best way to avoid institutional care is to stay healthy. This module offers a closer look at why traditional retirement planning advice delivers such poor results, then offers a unique approach to planning for health in the retirement years.    

Topics Covered

Traditional retirement planning vs LifePlanning  

How the LifePlanning process works  

Creating the LifePlan Blueprint   

Documenting your preferences

Developing healthy habits, including eating right, exercising, and socializing  

How selecting the right medical team can lower the risk of needing home health and home care services by 40%   

Finding services inside (and outside) the insurance system   

Finding services outside the insurance system  

What to look for in a health plan

Documenting your health plan

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Module 2: Housing Pillar

In this module, you will learn how to increase the odds of being able to live out your retirement years at home from 30% to 80% without running out of money or forcing your loved ones to become your unpaid caregivers.

Topics Covered

Defining “home”

Residential housing options

Requirements for aging in a private residence

Private residence options

Retirement community options

The role of family in your housing decision

How to choose a housing option

Documenting your housing preferences

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Module 3: Financial Pillar

It's not the size of the nest egg that matters, it's the plan for using it. In this module, you will learn how to create a plan for the way your money is used to reach your goals. You will also learn how to organize your affairs so your family and agents won’t be burdened by the tasks they are expected to perform.   

Topics Covered

Creating a financial dashboard

Choosing a financial planner  

Working with a financial planner    

Using the financial dashboard to make decisions

Paying for long-term care, including private pay, reverse mortgages, long-term care insurance, and public benefits

Understanding the financial burdens on agents   

How to assemble a resource team to ease burdens

Documenting your financial plans

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Module 4: Legal Pillar

Module 4 explains how to prepare legal documents that offer key protections for your retirement plan while minimizing burdens on your agents.

Module 5 explains how to develop a meaningful checklist of issues to discuss with your family to bring clarity to their roles while avoiding unnecessary burdens. This is guidance you won't find anywhere else! Then, learn how to bring everything together as your LifePlanning Blueprint takes shape.

Topics Covered

Wills vs Trusts  

Safe Harbor Trusts   

Protecting the interests of surviving spouses and heirs

Protecting assets from long-term care costs, estate taxes, and bad actors

Choosing fiduciaries

Creating legal documents that read like manuals of instruction

Documenting legal plans

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Module 5: Family Pillar & LifePlanning Blueprint

This module explains how to develop a meaningful checklist of issues to discuss with your family to bring clarity to their roles while avoiding unnecessary burdens. This is guidance you won't find anywhere else! Then, learn how to bring everything together as your LifePlanning Blueprint takes shape.

Topics Covered

Planning the family meeting 

Conducting the family meeting    

What to do after the family meeting    

Documenting the family plan

Assemble the blueprint   

Identifying next steps   

Choosing professional resources   

Implementing your decisions blueprint

Keeping everything up to date

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Supercharge your plan to avoid the nursing home, avoid going broke, and avoid being a burden in retirement!

What You'll Get With The Workshop and

Legal Documents Package

Mater Your Future Workbook

  • Powerful book that walks you through all 5 pillars of LifePlanning

  • Build each section of your LifePlanning Roadmap

Roadmap Review Rajiv Nagaich

  • One-on-One session with an ElderLaw Attorney

  • Review your LifePlanning Roadmap

  • Get all your questions answered

Legal Document Creation

An EderLaw attorney will draft all your Wills, Safe Harbor Trusts, Deeds, Heath Care POA, Financial POA, Living Will, Handling of Remains, HIPAA, MHAD, and Beneficiary Change Instructions based on YOUR LifePlan



  • Inform each member of your family on your retirement plan

  • Inform each agent on their roles and your wishes

Store & Share Your Plan

  • 1 year access to the LifePlan Organizer

  • Access for each of your agents to important documents and view detailed instructions

* Workshop only participants receive the workbook, a 1 on 1 session to answer questions and review your LifePlanning roadmap as well as the full training LifePlanning training.

What People Say about the Live Online LifePlanning Workshop

LifePlanning helped me address the gray areas in my retirement plan, the issues that my estate plan didn’t address, and my financial planner didn’t want talk about. I’m so grateful for this process!

Gillian, Life Planning Workshop Participant, 2021

This is so much more than legal planning. The workshop helps you to focus on everything you need to plan for, such as medical care, housing options, family issues, and financial planning, not just the will, medical directives, and financial power of attorney. Highly recommended!

Challis, Life Planning Workshop Participant, 2021

It’s worth the price of gold knowing that I won’t be burdening my children as I age.

Geoffrey, LifePlanning Workshop Participant – 2021

Rajiv shows you how the system really works and what you need to pull everything together for a safe and happy retirement.

Chandra Lewnau, Elder Law Attorney, Seattle, Washington

Finally! Rajiv Nagaich makes all the pieces of the overwhelming retirement puzzle fit together.

Randy Foley, client via Facebook